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So, you need a website, and you could totally design it yourself.
Seriously? Who has time for that?
As small business owners, you may love tackling projects on your own. I get it! But what often happens is that one of your most important marketing assets... your website... ends up looking unprofessional and functions poorly, not to mention the time you lose investing in doing what you do best, your OWN business.

Let Grafiiq create a website for you that actually looks professional, with a personal touch that speaks to your brand and your audience.

Together we can create a website that is professional, personal, and engaging to potential customers, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Not only will your website have an enjoyable and effective user experience, directing future customers and clients right where you want them to go, but it will look awesome too.

Need SEO help? I work with a team of SEO EXPERTS who do SEO all. day. long. and can help your site get the attention it needs. You end up with a site that looks awesome, and gets seen.

I design websites on all sorts of platforms from Wordpress, to Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, and Weebly.  I also design Shopify sites for ecommerce businesses needing a streamlined, owner-friendly online store.

I will help you figure out what type of website platform makes the most sense for you and your business. I can walk you through some examples of sites that I have designed before to give you a vision of what is possible for you.

I'm so excited to help you on this journey!

Let's do this!!
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