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From creative logo/brand design, to websites and print media, Grafiiq's mission is to use visual design strategies to create visually engaging, user-friendly marketing materials that showcase your brand and message to the world.

about me

Hey there!  My name is Kierstin. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a visual designer and owner of Grafiiq.

I'm passionate about helping businesses be successful by using visual engagement and creative design to promote their products and services. In the competitive world of marketing, first impressions are incredibly important, whether it is logos/brands, print media, or websites and apps. When it comes to website design, I also work closely with a team of SEO experts who can help take your website to the next level.

I love to work with local small businesses in the Wilmington, NC area and surrounding areas, such as Carolina Beach. But since I work digitally, I can also work with people from all over the world! I'm especially interested in working on projects with a purpose and mission that are bigger than me.

If you're interested in working one-on-one with me to create engaging visual designs, whether it's logos and brands, websites, apps, landing pages, or any type of print media, send me a message and I would love to chat!
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